A logo and identity I've made for the South African bar in Amersfoort named Tjommies. The whole logo is handwritten, which gives it the down to earth, real, and humanly vibes. I've also created a handwritten font that I've used for the menu and things of that nature.

Super Zwoel

Super Zwoel is a hip-hop and R&B party that has been around for years now. When the organizer asked me to come up with a name Super Zwoel came right to my mind. Ever since then I've illustrated so many slutty men and hot girls for this party I've lost count.


Don't act too Human, DATH for short is a clothing brand with the philosophy that we should get back to our instincts, back to nature. For the back piece, I let a photographer take pictures of plants that I have then digitilized to make a pattern.


Hause is a party mainly focused on house and other dark and dirty dance music. For the logo, I've made the H the symbol. Not only is it the first letter of the name but the way it's shaped also reminds you of a home. I thought that was a nice touch.

Atelier Mi Mosa

I've created a logo for my favorite hairdresser in Amersfoort, atelier Mi Mosa. The top part is handwritten because I always love a good combination of analog and digital.

Oost West

De Nachtapotheek

De Nachtapotheek is a hip-hop party in FLUOR with DJs and live performances. Every time there is a new edition I'll illustrate the face of the artist that's coming to perform.

Disco Disco

As you might aspect from the name, Disco Disco is a party mainly focused on disco. I created a logo and did some name work for the DJs.


Fit Zone

A few social media post i did for Fit Zone, a gym for personal training. This is my interpretation of what the corporate identity should look like for the gym.