I‘m Bram Ravenhorst also known as Raven Kangee. I‘m a designer and an artist.

I‘m in a band called Three Little Clouds, come check out our liveshows, it‘s a party. As Raven Kangee, I released a solo project called; Pillow. You can listen to it on Spotify :)

If you need creative vision in the visual spectrum, i‘m your guy. I think of myself as a all round creater, i can uplift the spirits in the room and get the juices flowing. I like to work together because i believe in team effort, let‘s use everyones indivudual talents for the greater good; the project.

I‘ve been working as a graphic designer for 5 years now and i believe that mixing analoog with digital is one of my strongsuits. I like logo design and branding but also creative directing photo and videoshoots. I just like making cool stuff.